Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Fresh Air

Yesterday, after Matthew and I returned home from a quick errand, we were surprised to find a package waiting at our door! My Aunt and Uncle had sent a package for Addison! What a great surprise. Matt and I are looking forward to calling and thanking them for their thoughtfullness- they even included a gift for the new big brother! A stuffed Tigger, a book, and the perfect fall outfit. It was a very nice token.

Matthew and I are spending today cleaning up the apartment and getting rid of some of the unnecessary clutter. He's making the last trip to storage to get stuff out of the apartment today, and doing laundry... I'm tidying Brennan's and our room... Later, we'll be switching dressers to give Matthew some extra dresser space. We still have lots of little things to do in our bedroom... Our bookcase needs to be reorganized, and we need to pack up some books and bring them back to storage... We have to reorganize the back of our utility closet. Now that the shelves are accessible, thanks to my dad's ingenious wall-organization, we need to actually USE them. (Who would have thought it??)

So, lots of little things... and lots of baby snuggles in-between. Maybe next week we'll tackle Brennan's dresser finally. It STILL needs to be sanded and repainted.

Off to give my big baby some extra lovings while his sister is napping. :) Have a great Saturday everyone!

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