Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Hiatus

Shortly after my last post, my mom came down to meet her granddaughter. She spent the weekend here in PA, and then we all (except for Matt, who had to work) went back to CT. I spent some time in CT with my family. It was nice being able to sleep in with Addie and let my dad watch Brennan in the AM! I certainly enjoyed it, and except for this whole "life" thing and Dr's appointments... I didn't really want to hurry back to PA.

But, here I am... and what have I been doing? LOTS!

Matt and I got registered at our local church a couple weeks ago (St. Josephs Parish) and I've signed up for the November Baptism class. Right now, we're planning on a May/June '11 Baptism, but location has not yet been set.

Matt decided he's going back to finish his master's degree in philosophy. It looks like he has three semesters left worth of classes, and then he has a dissertation and oral exam. Oh, fun! It's been quite an interesting road, and I am sure that everything will work out for the best. He's been offered a 3-day 12 hour shift position (doing basically the same thing at his current job), which would give him four days off a week. We are hoping that everything comes through with this... because with him going to school and everything that's going on at home... It would definitely work out better for us!

We are also trying to move out of this cramped 2-bedroom 3rd floor apartment. It is such a hassle dragging two kids down three flights of stairs... And then there is three blocks to get to the car! I hate buying groceries because we have to lug them up the stairs! We signed up for a Wait-List at a family apartment complex literally about half a mile away. It is all income-based and at our income, we qualify for a 3bedroom at $515/MO. That is less than we are paying now for this 2-bedroom. It also includes W/S/T and has on-site laundry. The downside is that it does not have a yard, so the kiddos can't play outside, but it is right across the street from a park.

The problem right now with moving is that with what we currently pay, it's unlikely we'll find any more than we currently get in this apartment (W/S/T). We need an apartment with dedicated parking, and preferably a yard. The apartment also HAS to come with a washer/dryer hookup (or the washer/dryer), and come with all of the appliances. You'd be surprised how many apartments around here are "you supply the fridge..."

But the biggest problem we have is space. Our apartment has a very unusual layout that is perfect for us. We have a long-entry way with a table and coat rack, which opens into a good size living room. Our kitchen is a very long room and doubles as our office so we have our desk in the office as well. Whenever we look at a 2bedroom, we can never find the space for the desk.... the kitchens or bedrooms are always too small! This desk is perfect for what we need (it is 7' long and has a beautiful hutch to hold all of our papers and office supplies)

When I figure the math out, if we find a place that we don't have to pay for laundry, or our storage unit, and comes with more efficient electric... We could spend up to $645 a month at our current income and basically break even. If we find anything cheaper than that that fits all of those items, then we are saving money by moving... It's a tough decision.

I've also started couponing... and I'm turning into the crazy coupon lady! This week, I've made FOUR different trips to rite aid.


- 2 XTRA Laundry Detergent (Originally $3.49/each, on sale 2 for $4- 1$ coupon = $3.00 (+1.00 UP Reward)
- 1 Garnier Herbashine hair dye (Originally $7.99, on sale $5.99 - $5 in coupons (1 rite aid, 1 internet coupon) = 0.99
- 4 cans of Progressive soup (Originally $3.19/ea, on sale $1.25 - 2.00 in coupons (1 rite aid, 1 coupon) = $3.00
- 2 cans Hormel chili (On sale $1.25/each - $1.50 in coupons = $1.00

FS- 7.50
OOP- 0.63
I received: $3 in UP Rewards

Trip 2:
- 1 Garnier Fructis Dandruff shampoo (Originally $5.99, on sale $3.99 - $3.00 in coupons (1 RA + 1 MFR) = 0.99

OOP: 0.99

Trip 3:
- 1 NYC Lipstick 1.99
- 1 NYC Nail Polish .99 - FREE
Total: 1.99 - 1 UP REWARD = 0.99 OOP

I received: $2 in UP Rewards

Trip 4: (HUGGIES)
- 2 Huggies Newborn Little Snuggler Jumbo Packs (Originally $12.49, on sale $8.99) (-2 coupons for 4.50) = 13.48
- 1 Huggies Newborn Pure and Natural Jumbo Pack (Originally $12.49, on sale $8.99) (-1 coupon for 3.00) = 5.99
Subtotal: 19.47
I used: 4 UP Rewards and a 4/20 coupon

Total: 11.47
I received: $6 in UP Rewards

Not bad for my first REAL week, right?? :)