Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fake out!

So, after all that talk of plans for yesterday, I ended up just lounging on the sofa and enjoying my kiddos. Even now, Brennan is standing on the chair next to me, sharing my sandwich. He is such a mommy's boy & I love it! Matt is looking forward to having a "Daddy's girl" because Brennan won't give Matt cuddles and kisses... Well- sometimes he gets more kisses than I do!! :P yes, we keep track of this sort of thing... We're parents, isn't that our job?? :)

We are going to try and get some family photos taken soon, we found a lady who is willing to do them for free and give us a CD with all the pictures on it! What a great deal. We intended to get photos done in the Spring, but we never did, because we decided we would just wait until Addison is born. Anyway, Matt and I still need engagement photos, and I'd like to get some pictures with Brenn & Addie as well as the entire family. If I am clever enough, we can change outfits and it may not even look like all the photos were taken on the same day.

Matt and I have only one photograph taken of us together, which is kind of lame... We used to joke about going to the Gettysburg battlefields and pretending to be tourists to get someone to take a photo of us. :P

Yesterday, Matt said something really sweet, and it just warms my heart! He said to me, "thank you for my amazing daughter." I get a little sad when he says things like that, even though he means well... I get sad because my body was trying to kill her. It's very hard to deal with and it was something completely beyond my control... but we did the best we could, and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. :)

Addie's cord fell off yesterday, and Matt and I were super excited. Matt kept telling me yesterday, "It's going to fall off! It's going to fall off!" We're looking forward to giving Addie her first real bath tonight after Brenn is in bed. We "ritualistically" threw the cord out, and Matt gave a little "Ohmmmm..." as he tossed it in the trash can. What was I going to do with a dry shriveled piece of cord? I would have kept it-- her lifeline-- but it would have reminded me too much of how much we nearly lost-- and how hard we fought. I'd much rather kiss her belly button. It's a lot cuter.

Speaking of belly buttons, it looks like Addie has an outie! Matt was telling me, "I wonder if that will change..?" and I shrugged, then berated him to not critique our daughter. I worked hard on her! :)

Thank you, God, for giving me a wonderful man-- whose soon to be my husband-- and two darling children. I feel like this journey has lasted forever, and I still have so far to go to watch my children grow over the years... And it's so worth it...I Hope I can enjoy every single day. :)

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