Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to the Blog

Things got a bit too hectic around here, so this blog fell off the Earth for awhile. Let's go for a quick update.

In January, both DF and I went back to school. We got contacted to move into Hanover Shoe Apartments, but due to administrative challenges (idiots), a 2 week process took more than six weeks.

In February, DF got fired. We lost the Hanover Shoe apartment.

In May, both DF and I finished our classes. We both got B's/A's! Way to go us. We also attended the Christian Homeschoolers Association of Pennsylvania convention in Harrisburg, and officially made the decision to homeschool our kids! (More on this later)

I am taking classes over the summer, French 101 and Computers in Education. Both are online. Yeah, I am kind of crazy.