Monday, September 13, 2010

First Days Home

After Matthew, Addison, and I returned home from the hospital on Wednesday, Matt's mom stayed to help us out around the house until Saturday. We had to make a trip Thursday back to York Hospital to the lab to get a bilirubin test done for Addison's jaundice. It was fine- 10.6, so the nurse at York Pediatrics told us we didn't need to get tested again.

Addison had her first pediatrician's appointment on Friday, she was 5lbs even. So, as of Friday, she had lost 6oz from her birth weight. The pediatrician we saw that day we did not like at all. He was... pathetically misinformed and I have no idea where he got his medical degree. Needless to say, Matthew and I decided we'll never see this pediatrician again, and if these problems with the office continue, we'll switch pediatricians.

Later that same day, we also had an appointment back at York Hospital with a Lactation Consultant. I was looking forward to this appointment, especially because I am sincerely dedicated to making breastfeeding work this time-- and I know with the right attitude, I can do it!

WELL, the Lactation Consultant wasn't very helpful. Addison, like any other four day old baby, was sleeping when we arrived. The LC didn't want to take Addison out of the car seat to even ATTEMPT a feeding. Doesn't everyone know that babies wake up when you move/undress them? It was pathetic, and I wanted to scream at her. Why else would I drive 45 minutes with a NEWBORN unless I thought it was going to do me some good??!

We "rescheduled" for Sunday morning, and I was seriously considering not even bothering to reschedule... It just seemed like it was not worth the hassle of the drive. While we were at Lacation, I had her check Addison's bilirubin with a trans-dermal monitor-- it read high- very high. So, I called the pediatrician's office, and we went back to the hospital (locally) for another bilirubin test. This one came back at 14.7. When the Dr. called back, he said they'd like to schedule another test for Saturday morning.

Sure thing, so Saturday morning we went back to the lab... went through the entire horrible heel prick ordeal, and then get a call on Saturday afternoon from the on-call Dr. Her level went up to 15.1, and they are not thinking it is gonna go any higher... so they will follow up with her in the office on Friday. IN A WEEK.

Say... WHAT?! I disagreed waiting a week for a weight check, and now I doubly disagree waiting a week for you to eyeball her jaundice to make sure it goes down! However, the Dr. interuptted my afternoon nap, so I thanked him and got off the phone... to fume and rant at Matt later. :D

Needless to say, I recieved a phone call from a nurse at the Hospital I delivered at doing a routine follow up call... And even though she was probably reading off a sheet with blanks filled in about Addison, the call WAS personalized enough and she honestly acted like she cared about Addison and myself. She agreed with my initial thought that it was careless to wait a week for a weight check given Addison's age and size, so after we got off the phone, I rescheduled the weight check for Wednesday.

I feel a lot better now.

Other than THAT drama, life has been good. Matthew is just amazing to watch with Addison, and it's just everything I thought it would be. Even if I lived in a cardboard box, I'd still feel euphoric with my family around me. I feel so blessed.

Brennan is just a doll. He loves to go up to her and try to pick her up and give her kisses. I'll let him "hold" her on his lap (with me doing the holding), and he will make sure her hat is on right, and pass me her blanket or bottle when I am feeding her. He is so sweet with her, it makes me want to cry.

Not once has he been rough with her so far, and we just will tell him to be gentle, and he will start rubbing his sister's back so softly. He even recognizes who Addie is now! We can tell him, "That is Addie's, can you give it to her?" and he will go put it (usually a blanket) on her. He is such a great big brother, and it warms my heart.

Now, it's time for some cleaning before I have to wake Addie up for her next feeding! :)

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