Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back of Meal Planning

We quickly realized our limitations with freezer meals. It requires freezer space. I love the idea, but it is just not applicable until we get more freezer space. Right now, Matt and I are working on a 7-day meal "theme" and we will be planning out two weeks worth of meals at a time. The themes will help mix it up, and keep it simple and easy to make dinner. I am still planning on using some of the great things I learned from all my research into freezer meals and planning.

Here is our current plan:

- Pasta (with meat, or without)

- Chicken

- Beef

- 30-min or less meal (my favorite kind!!)

- Meat-free

- Slow-cooker (for lazy days)

- "U Pick" includes picking a main dish and side dish from one culture for two meals every two weeks. Various cultures will be included. This will also help diversify our future meals as Matt loves to experiment.