Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feeding Woes

Breastfeeding with Brennan was a huge hassle, with him being in the NICU, from Day 1 I was pumping, breastfeeding (while I was visiting him) and supplementing after ever feed. So, right now, feeding Addison is eerily reminscent of that fight... and after Brennan got home, I didn't have a pump (I was using a loaner from the NICU while B was in the hospital), and Brennan was still having latch issues... so I was still having to supplement... and so my supply died before I could get a pump from my insurance.

This time around, I have a pump, so I am already better off... but Addison, like Brennan, is having latch problems. We are using a shield, but she is still not getting a lot of milk from me. I know it takes time, and from what I've read and from what people have told me, it should get better... I fought with Brennan for close to a month to get breastfeeding "started" and I already feel better off than last time, but I am already getting worn down too.

My initial plan with breastfeeding Addie was to elusively pump, and supplement with formula only when necessary and only a few breastfeeding sessions per day. On average, Addison has 1-2 "good" sessions a day, and the rest she is just lazy and doesn't really get anything... I understand it is good practice, and good for yada yada yada... but I have her attached to me 1+ hours and she isn't eating... so then I have a ravenous baby. :/

It makes me feel really inadaquate, even though I've had several people (nurses, etc, etc) tell me I am doing everything right, and I just need to give Addie time to adjust and get a bit stronger and things will work out great... but it is really discouraging.

Since Addison was born, I have been pumping, breastfeeding, and supplementing with formula or expressed breast milk. It is a tiring cycle, and takes up a LOT of time... especially chasing a toddler around an apartment.

Maybe my initial plan would be a better idea...

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