Saturday, July 17, 2010

Projects... Go!

My first small DIY project will begin today. :) Pictures will be posted after project is completed.

I purchased a roll of wallpaper at Goodwill for $.97. My plan is to clean, re-organize, and de-clutter the kitchen cabinets as much as possible and then I will cut the wallpaper to fit into the bottom of the cabinet shelves and paste it. Hopefully when we are done, the pantry will look a lot cleaner.

Any remaining paper will be used to line the dresser drawers in our bedroom at a later date.

Last night, Matt and I also started discussing colors for our nursery projects! We picked a pale yellow for the bassinet color. :)

I want to paint the laundry hamper a spring green. The closest they had was a pistachio or jade. I am tempted to see if we can paint it a darker color and spray from a distance to achieve a lighter green... Problem is we would have to paint it white first to achieve that effect. The only other piece we are painting in that room is the old white dresser/changing table combination. It's painted white and has marker on it will need to be sanded before it can be repainted. We're not sure what color we're going to paint it yet since that will be the largest painted piece in the room.

I've decided to go with a green farm animals theme for the kids room, so maybe we could paint the dresser/changing table a bright red and white scheme-- like a barn? If we were going to go with something that bold, however, we would have to change the color of the hamper. We still aren't ready to start painting the nursery yet... so it's frustrating because I want to make some progress.

Of course, I don't want to start too many things at once. We did reorganize our utility closet and it looks a lot better-- now we actually have room to get in and out of that closet. We also organized our master bedroom closet last weekend, and it's great now! It clears up so much space in the bedroom and makes a huge difference. No word yet if we're going to be attempting a bedroom swap, but I think it'll be a good idea.

Alright, well, I'm off to start cleaning the kitchen. :)

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