Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Nursery Makeover

The last couple days, Matt and I have been discussing changes to the Nursery that we would like to do... and then the other night, I came up with a radically different idea.

Our small two bedroom apartment doesn't give us a lot of space, or many options... So, Matt and I have agreed that we are going to switch bedrooms. This will give the kids about 15-20 more square feet in their room to use for play, and since Matt and I only use our bedroom for sleeping (And other adult activities)... the square footage won't be missed!

Matt's current project is in the kitchen, where the window A/C unit has leaked water underneath the flooring and Matt has to fix the A/C and repair the damage to the floor.

The problem: We're on the third floor- we can't access the outside of the window.
The second problem: There is water underneath the floor (that's causing the flooring to peel up)

Matt's in the design stage of building a box to hold the A/C unit in which will have a hole in the back to drain the water out the rear of the window instead of on our floor... I anticipate a lot of problems with Matt's proposed design, but I am going to let him draw it out before we discuss the next step.

Our next project involves building a bottom for the bassinet, which has been lost and then repainting the bassinet.

Other various projects we're going to be starting:
  • Building a toddler bed for Brennan
  • Making matching pillows, throw blankets, and curtains for the living room
  • Making terrycloth dish towels
  • Replacing the brick & board shelves in the living room

We are also banishing all store-bought cleaners from our house, so once we finish what cleaners we have in the house, we will be making non-toxic cleaners and keeping those in air-tight jars, or spray bottles.

It's a lot to take on at one time, but we are doing everything in little baby steps to spread the work out as much as possible. We have not discussed a date for the "Move" yet, but it will likely be before Addison is born.

In other great news, Addison is growing wonderfully.... Well, I guess you can say that. She is still considered IUGR. She is in the ">3%" for her growth, but she gained seven ounces between 26w and 28w and that is a HUGE improvement. The Dr's admitted to me yesterday that he suspected we had "days" left until delivery... and now we have "weeks"!! WEEKS, yes WEEKS!

My nesting instincts are really going crazy, and at least Matt is on board with all of these projects and I think by the end of the craze, I will have a beautiful apartment, a wonderful fiancee, and two amazing kids!! What more can a Momma ask for?

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