Friday, August 27, 2010

Nesting, Nesting, Nesting

Sorry, I dived off the face of the earth for awhile. I just haven't had much of a heart to sit down and write anything recently. I will do better, I promise. Writing is a positive release, and I can spare 20 minutes a day to fill the Internet in. =)

Updates on Our Projects

1.) Cabinet Liner (Cost $0.97)

My kitchen project with the wallpaper as cabinet/drawer liners hasn't been finished. It's a big hassle to cut without an Xacto knife, and so doing it with scissors was a real labor of love... and I just don't love these cabinets! When Matt and I have some free time, I think it will be a good project for us to tackle together... So I don't have to keep climbing up and down the ladder, cutting, measuring, and pasting. A little too much for me to do at 9 months pregnant.

2.) Repainting Changing Table/Dresser (Cost $6.97 so far, more supplies needed)

We purchased the paint for the changing table/dresser combination in the nursery. It is a nice, pale sunshine yellow. We also are going to be moving the dresser got for Addison on freecyle to our bedroom, and switching out that dresser with Matt's dresser. We will probably repaint that dresser too. The changing table/dresser is a big project and since it needs to be completed in one day, we need to have one day to devote to it before we can begin. Next week Matt has three days off, so it is looking like one of those days will be Dresser #1 day!

4.) Repainting Nursery Hamper (Cost so far, $0.00)

I have yet to find a suitable color for the hamper, so I am thinking I will just buy regular paint and paint it. It was SUCH a big hassle to do before, and it will have to be painted white first I think but I can NOT find the color of spray paint I want.

5.) Bathroom Wall Organizer (Cost $19.99, plus $5.94 for paint so far)

A couple months ago, I purchased a bathroom wall organizer at wal-mart to match our bathroom theme... and of course, it was the wrong color (even though it was the right color on the box) Matt, like a dutiful handiman can... spray painted it a rubbed bronze color to match the other items in our bathroom... Except, well, it keeps rubbing off. It needs to be stripped, and redone, and then some sort of clear needs to be put over it. Oh well, it's completely doable.

6.) Shadow Boxes (2 @ $0.97)

I purchased two shadow boxes from Good Will, and then repainted them with acrylic paint I got off of Freecycle. They turned out beautifully, I will post pictures in another post.

7.) Picture Frame ($0.97)

I purchased a picture frame from Good Will, and repainted them with acrylic paint I got off of Freecycle. Picture will be posted in another post.

8.) Baby Mobile (Cost so far $13.68)

I found a DIY- Baby Mobile project that works perfectly for while Addison is sleeping in our bedroom in her bassinet. The only thing I need for it to start is the embroidery hoops that I am hoping to pick up tomorrow and start on.

9.) The Storage Unit Mess

I don't even know where to begin. Months ago, Matt and I tried to go over there at night (because it was cooler) to go through everything. It's a terrible mess. Empty boxes piled high, crap everywhere, clothes scattered across the floor... We got through about half of the boxes and got rid of a bunch of garbage, and we freecycled a TON of stuff. But there is still more, there always is. And going at night (past a little one's bedtime) meant we could only stay there for about an hour... in a hot steel box. No fun! Our goal is for this Sunday to get over there bright and early and go through the boxes and break them down or throw out the ones we don't need. Then, we need to pack the clothes on the floor into boxes, and label them by season. We also need to find our fall/winter clothes and move those to the front of the storage unit so we can grab them quickly. We also need to grab the remaining baby items (Infant rocker, baby tub, etc) before Addison gets here. Where the heck has all the time gone?

Also, on Sunday (like we weren't doing enough all ready??) Matt's sister, Abbe, is coming down from Philly to grab some furniture we've been holding onto her since MAY. So, we're going to make her work for us for a bit... LOL. We're moving a loveseat out of our living room, plus a desk, and some boxes out of the apartment to clear up some room for baby stuff. The guy we used to pay for those things currently owes us $60, and we offered to forgive that if he helped us move the loveseat, and his wife babysat for us twice. Sure, we usually paid him a lot more than that to help us move, but hey, we loaned HIM money a month ago... so there's interest involved. WELL, he didn't respond to that email (and then I found out when I did need his wife to babysit, she LIED to me and told me she wasnt available when she was) so needless to say... we are collecting our money and saying PISS OFF. Last week, this same guy wanted to borrow an additional $120, and I was like "HELL NO!" We have a daughter due any time now, we need every cent we can. Sorry, that was way off-topic... Anyway, storage unit...

It should be exciting. I'll post pictures of our progress after it is completed.

10.) The Great Desk Organization

We purchased a $50 desk a couple months ago, and it is about 7' long and 7' high, with shelving and cubbies built in. It is very awesome craigslist find. Well, we never really officially organized it, and it's been "half-assed" a couple times. So, I finally tore through everything and I have the filing system almost 100% complete, along with our billing, and budget organization... I need to find a system to organize my coupons, but that is another job... for now they are at home in a big plastic bag and I have them paperclipped in categories (Food, HBA, Cleaning, etc) it seems to be the easiest way for now.

Right now it's about 85-90% complete, after I did an additional THREE hours of work this evening, and I still have another hour or two.

Well, those are all of my projects... I hope I can get most of them done before Addison decides to make her arrival. Wish me luck!!

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