Monday, August 30, 2010

The Final Countdown

Things are moving along quickly in preparation for the final days. Yesterday, Matt and I made three separate trips to storage and I am so happy with the progress we made. We went through our boxes of clothes (God, I didn't realize we had that many clothes!) and sorted them officially by season. The good news is that means we will be able to go over to the storage unit, grab our Winter clothes boxes in a month or so, and return the short-sleeves that are in there our dresser now.

We're going to have a major space crunch when we try and fit these three boxes of clothes in the house. Of course, I have an entire box in storage filled with shoes and purses, and a bag in the back of the closet filled with purses. It'd be nice to actually be able to use some of these things occasionally!

The other depressing thing about going through the storage unit is seeing how much weight I've gained. I've kept a bag of jeans from when I was smaller in hopes that when I lose weight I will fit into them again. Jeans are expensive, and I don't really want to have to rebuy jeans. Of course, I am getting tired of looking at a bag of jeans I may never fit into again... losing weight is a goal, but something that realistically, is not going to happen for some time.

I digress, we finished that... and then we brought a pile of shyt back to the house to be organized. I'm no longer going to stress that Matt cant bring stuff back to the house... I'm going to stress that while it's here, it must be useful and in a proper place.

Hopefully as we bring more of the miscellaneous stuff back into the house, he will realize that it's junk... But, you know, in good time.

Oh, and the other big victory yesterday was we went through all of the misc. crap and organized it... It went from several small boxes and a couple large boxes to three medium sized boxes. Very good consolidation if you ask me... Now, my goal is to get through those boxes again in the future and pack them properly. (And not have a box of random crap... Seriously, what do people do with all the crap they accumulate??!) We have done very well consolidating, so I am very very pleased. :D

It looks like most of my life is now going to be consumed with price shopping... It is hard being broke, and having to make every penny count... But, until Addison is born and I can work again, we'll do what we gotta do. :)

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  1. I seriously need to do some organizing but this whole 9 months pregnant & nesting...well it's for the birds. Congrats on getting stuff done & I know you will get into those jeans soon enough ;o)