Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Day, Another Destiny

I had my 36 week growth ultrasound today, and it went great. Addison is continuing to do very well. She jumped from the 5th percentile at 34w to the 8th percentile. Just to give you an idea, the last time she was that high was at 22w and that was in the 7th percentile....

Now for our guest speaker:

Hi, my name is Brennan. I decided that I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I do every day in a new section called "The Daily Adventures of Lord Brennicus." Yep, that's me. Mom calls me that when I do something silly.

I don't have a story from today to tell you, but I will take something from last week!

~ * ~

So, I found a box of cereal I liked. It was a box of Kix. Kid-tested, mother approved. I am definitely a kid-tester. Mom didn't see me with the box of Kix, so I went to go hide and eat my Kix in peace. I tried to put the box of Kix underneath the table, and it got stuck on the legs! It was hanging midair, and I couldn't get it to go through. So I crawled underneath the box of kix underneath the table, and I pulled, and pulled it with all my might.

Until I fell backwards.

Mom saw me, and laughed.

But I was determined, so I crawled out to try again. On my way out, I hit the box of Kix with my big head and it knocked down to the ground. As I was trying to climb out, I got stuck because the box of Kix was in my way! Ooo, it was so frustrating! Finally, I fell over the box of Kix and landed on the floor.

Then, without skipping a beat, I hit the box of Kix. That will show him!!

When I hit the box of Kix, a couple Kix fell out. Yum! Just what I wanted! Then we were all friends again, and everything was good.

The End.


Did you like my story? It even has a happy ending! I got to go now, it's bed-time!

Thanks, Brenn for sharing that delightful story!! :)

Now where was I? OH yes. Addison is looking so good now the Dr. says that I can go until 39w. I am pretty happy about that, but also kind of bummed! I guess I will just deal with it, and hope I go before the induction.

The cleaning/nesting/organizing/craft extravaganza has continued into this week. Tonight I have been organizing the bedroom, and then I need to work on the bathroom. I have NO idea where I'm going to keep all my nursing supplies. I better ask advice from mommas who BF'd to figure this out!

I can't honestly figure out where all this CRAP comes form--- I mean, how much of the crap sitting around in my house do I honestly USE/NEED? Very little of it, actually, which is why I am trying to purge so much recently. Also, because it will be easier to keep the apartment clean when there is less clutter. My next "big" project is going to be in the living room-- we're getting rid of the record player (it needs a piece to work, and it doesn't right now so it's just taking up space) and we're gonna put it in the closet until we get the piece, but we're taking the DVDs out of there and going to put them in a big CD binder. That way, we won't have so many cases laying around. (We can get rid of the nightstand next to the TV, and put a speaker there to get some sort of normal sound) and then clear the DVDs off our brick and board shelf to make room for other living room necessities. I'd like to add a lamp or two to the room.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a lady who is going to let me use her washer/dryer in exchange for some help around her house. I am hoping this will work out well, and if it works out REALLY well then I could even start using cloth diapers on Addison! (Since I would need to do laundry every 2-3 days, going to a laundromat with diapers is WAY TOO expensive at $3.00 per load) My mom is getting her sewing machine fixed so I can use that for my sewing projects. I can't wait! Just thinking about it gets me excited...

Until tomorrow,

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