Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tot School- Planning It Out!

So, I feel Brennan is actually ready to begin some sort of gentle introduction to the alphabet. He has finally progressed his vocabulary far enough that I feel he would actually enjoy & remember (and have LOTS of fun!).

I'm following Carissa's Tot School (over at 1+1+1=1) plus using other resources from around the web. All of Carissa's printables are available for free for individual use. . Whenever I post I will try and link up to ALL the resources I've used. I'm starting to print them now so I can get ready for the beginning- at letter "A". Mostly, the exercises will be lots of repetition. , coloring, cutting, tracing, and many many crafts and activities to keep him entertained. I don't have a lamination machine, and unless I feel that he will significantly benefit from lacing the letters, I am simply letting him do that on plain copy paper with thread. He really enjoys lacing activities, so I can see that we might need to go out and get them laminated.

For the letter "A" we will begin by using the packet provided at 1+1+1=1 which has four main objectives:

Letter: Aa
Object: Apple
Color: Red
Vocabulary: Fruit

I also selected a craft, and two additional worksheets that I felt provided additional opportunities for learning. Both of these activities were selected from Erica's blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler, Letter Aa site. For me, I selected the Apple Cutting page, and the Apple PreWrite. Although, i will say the one thing I did not like was that every section of the PreWrite page had the URL of the blog. I would think once on a document would be enough.

We will be doing an "A" for Alligator craft from No Time For Flash Cards, which is a very simple paper craft. This is just an outline of the things we will be doing during the week, for planning purposes. I look forward to starting Tot School.

Be aware that navigating these websites is like falling down a rabbit hole. There is so much good information, and so many ways to do a "Tot School" that no one way is the "correct" way.

Till next time,

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