Friday, December 3, 2010

Planning for Next Week

Well, Matt is officially working third shift starting tonight, so that means some big changes for the month of December. It works out well with the holidays because third shift is usually slower than 1st or 2nd shift,and he can work from home on the holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve!)

And then in January he switches to 13.5 hour shifts & goes back to get his masters so he has class two days a week. AYIEE. I am so tired of everything changing.

I need to sit down and plan my shopping trips, but honestly, I am crunched for time and everything just gets MESSY! I am at a loss at how to keep everything organized & stay on top of everything. I follow the Hip2Save blog ( and they update so often, it is hard to keep track of all their updates.

Right now Colin (from Hip2Save) and 11 other bloggers are doing a big giveaway event. I started my entries today into the EIGHTEEN giveaways... but I only got 1 and a half done.I have 16 1/2 more to do in two days! UGH.

I really need a cheap, efficient way to keep track of coupons. I tried a binder, but I can't afford the dividers. OY.

Every Sunday, I end up clipping coupons, sorting coupons and throwing out the expired ones. Then I dig through the circulars and figure out what the best deals are. Then I go to and see what other people have posted.

I'd like to get into coupon buying but I would have to have my coupons ordered a head of time for this weeks sales, and I am struggling with THIS week.... not even able to think about NEXT week yet.

Oh well, had an awesome impromptu trip to Rite Aid today. I was planning a Revlon scenario and needed to check out some prices (will share scenario later!!) . DF grabbed a couple clearance picture frames, and we paid $12.71 (in error) for three. when we went back to get it fixed, we got a refund of $12.70. Yeah, we got three frames for $0.01. Not sure how that works, but hey- now I can afford to go back and buy more! :)

There is not too much I need to get at RA- I just need to make sure none of my +UP Rewards expire soon. I did see that some Revlon items were 75% off at my Rite Aid.

Easy scenario might be:

2 foundation/blush originally at 13.99 at 75% off= $6.99/2
2 Revlon Lip care at b1g1 50% off (price is between $4.99-$8.99) = 13.46/2
Revlon nail enamel (price guess @ $4.99) = $4.99
Subtotal: $25.44

1- $5/$25 purchase
2- $5 off Revlon lip care (RA)
1- $3/1 Revlon nail enamel (RA)
= $18 off!

OOP: $7.44 (If you have/use +UP rewards, this could be lower!)

Not bad considering you get five products for less than the price of 1 foundation. Not as good as it could be, but not bad considering it's 1:30am. I don't even know if there are any manfacturers q's for Revlon. Hmmm... Night internets

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  1. I so wish I could get into coupons. It just seems like so much work for me. My husband is really good and coupons and sales. Personally I'm addicted to giveaways, and it works because I win a ton. :)